A Unique Opportunity To Do Something Different!

Fly a Light Aircraft from Derby Airfield

Trial Lessons from £85

A trial lesson makes an ideal present, Gift vouchers are available from the Derby Aero Club & Flying School. These vouchers can be redeemed for a lesson at a time to suit the recipient.

Many people have often wished to experience the unique pleasure of flying in a small, light aeroplane. The sheer joy and excitement of simply being in the air and able to view the countryside from a new and incomparable perspective is one of the most enchanting adventures possible.

The majority of us have been on holiday, travelling in modern transport jets but this in no way compares with flying at relatively low level at the controls of a small aircraft, seeing the whole world spread before you. This unique adventure is possible with a trial lesson from Derby Aero Club and Flying School.

The lesson begins with a briefing from your own personal instructor in the operation of the aircraft and the area in which you will be flying. He will also explain the controls and instruments in the aircraft so that you gain as much as possible from your flight. Light aircraft are no more difficult to fly than driving a car and you will soon feel at home in the cockpit. If there is a specific area that you would like to fly over your instructor will identify this on a map for you and, time permitting, will fly you over this area. You are, of course, welcome to bring your camera and many of our students pilots have taken stunning aerial photographs.

Your instructor will accompany you to your aircraft and ensure that you are safely seated and secure in the left hand seat of the aircraft (the Captain's seat). He will then climb into the right hand seat and, after calling up on the radio, will taxi the aircraft to the runway ready for take off.

Soon you will be in the air, soaring above the world. For many people this is enough for their first trip, just experiencing the excitement of seeing, literally, a bird's eye view of the area. For most, however, the real excitement is when the instructor hands over the controls to you and begins to teach you the basics of handling a light aircraft. Under his watchful eye and guiding hands you are now in control and can really experience at first hand the adventure of flying.

All too quickly it is time to return to the airfield and you will be able to follow through on the controls as your instructor makes an approach to the runway and lands the aeroplane. After completing your first flight your instructor will be pleased to spend a little time with you discussing all aspects of flying. For many the trial lesson is just the beginning and, when you have been 'bitten by the bug' they want to carry on with further lessons. If not, then you will just have had an experience you will not forget.

The trial lesson is really the first part of the Private Pilot's Licence course and may wish to purchase a log book in which to record your first flight as it will count towards your licence. Many people, from all walks of life and all ages, become pilots and our staff will be only too pleased to give you any further information you may require

Prices subject to change without notice.

Prices valid from 01/03/2017